Organic Farm

El Saüc Farm


The Salgot Research Organic Farm, El Saüc Farm, an innovative space making the difference thanks to its founding values and objectives:


Commitment to taking care of the environment, the society and the animal’s welfare.


A future commitment towards the quality of cold meats and their production processes.


To keep on the innovation from the Department of Research and Development, in order to sustain and even exceed the high levels of quality.

The farm

The Organic Farm is placed in an ancient reforested quarry, At the foot of Montseny Natural Park. Biosphere reserve.
An engineering study has determined the architectural structure of the farm and the location of the various buildings, the animals have direct sunlight and excellent natural comfort.
Each of the buildings is adapted to the process of animal husbandry, with indoor heating and wide outdoor areas, where animals develop their ethology, their natural behaviors, in a more comfortable way.
The Organic Farm, isolated from other farms and with rigorous hygiene controls, is subject to stricter sanitary measures.
It is also sustainable concerning performance, thanks to the management of waste, the use and recycling of water, and the generation of energy using a biomass boiler and thermal and photovoltaic solar panels.


Feeding the pigs

The feeding of pigs at Organic Farm Salgot is completely organic, based on Mediterranean ingredients such as barley, wheat, peas and olive oil. The straw and fodder are grown without any additives in the fields of El Saüc property itself.


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