Our process

The process

The methods of production are decisive to build the character of all products.
The location at the foot of Montseny and Plana de Vic creates the necessary weather features to make the cold meats have personality.
Selecting the pig breeds and using the animal’s best parts, provides an excellent foundation to the recipes.
Each the cold meats characters is given by many parameters and nuances achieved during the production processes, which differ depending on whether the final product is fresh, cooked or cured.
In all cases, the raw material is the fresh meat of the day that will be crushed, mixed and stuffed into natural casings. Using high quality spices and seasoning allows us to develop unique and delicate recipes; that will highlight the personality of each the cold meats.
All processes are certified by the ISO 9001 quality management system.


Cured products

The various products are separately prepared, dried and cured to comply with their requirements of time, temperature, and humidity at Seva, in La Plana de Vic. It will build up their organoleptic properties (colors,aromas,flavours and textures).

Cooked products

The cooking process is carried out in cauldrons with broths made with aromatic herbs. This process entirely takes place in our workshop in the main square of Aiguafreda, complying with the rhythm of each product so that they can build up all their nuances.


Fresh products

This is the unprocessed recipe and Ready-to-Cook cold meats, which are not previously cooked or cured. The sausages stuffed with different ingredients are an excellent example.